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Vavro & Associates, Ltd.
Polo Building
7200 Center St.
Suite 100-E
Mentor, Ohio

Kathy Vavro, MEd., LSW, PC-S
Phone:  (440)554-0923
[email protected]
Chris Vavro, MA, MSW, LSW
Phone:  (440)413-4637

Our goal is to work with you to enhance the quality of your life.  Collaborating to discover your path, and overcome the obstacles and roadblocks that stand between you and the life that you want.  Barriers may include periods of depression, difficulty managing anxiety, struggling with grief/loss, and unresolved trauma.

We provide a variety of approaches including: Mindfulness Based Cognitivie Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Couples and Family Counseling, Mediation, and Healing Arts (Therapueutic Yoga, Reiki, Visualization and Guided Imagery).   

If you're looking for support and positive change in your life, please call or email to schedule an appointment.

Kathy Vavro, MEd, LSW, PC-S
[email protected]

Chris Vavro,MA, MSW, LSW
[email protected]